Natural 3 Ingredient Sugar Lip Scrub (Quick + Easy!)

Hi everyone!

So for some reason, my lips have been looking dry and flakey recently.. I know, not a nice mental image for you. 

But aside from not looking nice, chapped and flakey lips are just uncomfortable! Soft, moisturized lips just look AND feel better. 

While there are a few lip scrubs out there on the market that I’m a fan of (this one in particular), sometimes when I don’t have one on hand or am on a budget, I make one out of a few things that I can find in my kitchen. 

Today’s post is just a quick tutorial on how to make my favourite version, which is great for exfoliating and moisturizing the lips so that they look soft and luscious all day long. The best part is, it only takes 3 ingredients!

Hope you like it!

DIY exfoliating sugar lip scrub

How to Make an Exfoliating Sugar Lip Scrub

What you need for a sugar lip scrub:

  • Brown sugar (1 tablespoon)
  • Honey (1 tsp)
  • Coconut oil (alternative: olive oil or vitamin E oil) (1 tsp)

How to make the exfoliating sugar lip scrub: 

  1. Mix all the ingredients together. Feel free to add more or less of any of the ingredients in order to get it to the consistency of your liking. 
  2. Pop the exfolient into a small container and store it for later.

How to use the exfoliating sugar lip scrub: 

Apply the scrub onto your lips and rub with your fingers. Leave it on for as long as you like! This scrub can double as a moisturizing lip mask. Take a warm, damp wash cloth and rub the scrub off your lips. 

And that’s it! Beautiful, soft, smooth looking lips at home!

I hope you try this out for yourself! Let me know in the comments how it goes. 

With love,


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